'True freedom is only possible when people have control of their financial lives.' ~ John Fairbairn - Founder, Old Mutual, 1845

As a proud member of the Old Mutual family, we live by the following values:
Respect, Dignity, Integrity, Accountability, Pushing Beyond Boundaries and Ubuntu.

Putting these at the heart of all we do, we strive to provide South Africans with financial products of real value, whether that be a personal loan to cover an unforeseen emergency or a Money Account to grow one's savings.

We are committed to providing personal loans and debt consolidation products that will give you financial freedom and can help you manage debt responsibly. Old Mutual Finance is a licensed financial services and registered credit provider.

Old Mutual Finance offers each client a unique plan, a plan to help them manage their debt and, so doing, saving them unnecessary service fees and charges.

With our simple-to-use online personal loan application process and over 300 branches nationwide, we are here to help you do great things.

To learn how these products can help you meet your financial needs both today and tomorrow. See our
Money Account and Personal loans pages.


Dignity - Dignity means that we have a deep-rooted respect for our customers, their circumstances, needs and culture. This drives us to provide tailored solutions and remarkable service.

Integrity - Integrity means that we are honest, trustworthy, consistent, and open, and always act in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Respect - Respect means that we actively listen to others, respond appropriately to what they have to say, work effectively with diverse people, and are willing to learn from others.

Ubuntu - Ubuntu means that we are passionate and work together to achieve our goals in business.

Accountability - Accountability means that we are prepared to take responsibility for our work, make commitments, find solutions and are held accountable for delivery and results.

Pushing Beyond Boundaries - Pushing Beyond Boundaries means that we are passionate about our work and committed to achieving our goals. We are always looking for innovative and creative ways to improve whilst constantly striving to break new ground.